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Tabs Paper Panel
Widget Tabs Panel
Chart Focused Panel
Sidebar Colored Panel 1.0.1
Inside container 1.0.2
Mini Sidebar Panel 1.0.3
RTL Dashboard 1.0.4
User Dashboard 1.0.5
Clean White Panel 1.0.6
Material Style 1.0.7
Tabs Sidebar New 1.0.8
Dark Theme With Tabs Sidebar New 1.0.8


These are only few pages added in latest updates. Paper has a lot more ready pages and we are continuously updating and adding more and more.

Invoices 1.0.8
Meetings 1.0.8
Payments / Dues 1.0.8
Panel 7 Projects List 1.0.7

              • Panel 7 Inbox 1.0.7
                Panel 1 Projects 1.0.7
                Tasks 1.0.7
                Panel 8 Inbox 1.0.6

                What makes Paper different ?

                Paper is one of its kind no other template have these all features.

                Performance Oriented Approach

                Paper is not just about creating elements and page variations and that’s way speed really maters for us.


                Paper comes with production and dvelopment version. Its easy to make your own production version using gulp.

                SASS FOR CSS

                Sass is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world.

                PARTIALS BASED HTML

                Partials in HTML ? Yes Paper using gulp partial inject. Its easy to edit and save a lot of time and easy to convert to CMS.

                WEBPACK FOR JS

                Webpack is a popular module bundler, a tool for bundling application source code in convenient chunks and for loading that code from a server into a browser.


                No more time wasting to preview changes by refreshing browser again & again. It will refresh for you automatically.


                Paper development version take only a second to minify all your HTML, JS and CSS files


                To make website fast and speedy images should be comporessed which can take lot of time. But with Paper you only need to enter one command and thats it.


                Gulp is a toolkit for automating painful or time-consuming tasks in your development workflow, so you can stop messing around and build something.

                BOOTSTRAP 4

                Who does not know about Boostrap. Paper is fully responsive and using bootstrap grid. Paper is most likely a bootstrap kit with many other elements.


                For support and help please write your questions in item's comments section on themeforest.


                You can find docs in your downloaded zip file or for online version please click following button.
                Docs related to plugins are included in demo.